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Archive: Jun 2017

Marriage Tax Allowance – What Is It?

Marriage Tax Allowance – What Is It? | June 13, 2017

As you may be aware the Government has introduced a tax break called the Marriage Tax Allowance. This came into effect from 6 April 2015, is available to couples who are married or in a civil partnership and enables a transfer of a proportion of their tax free personal allowance between them.

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What is the FTSE 100?

What is the FTSE 100? | June 7, 2017

The FTSE 100 – the “Footsie” – is the UK stock market index which garners most of the headlines. It was launched on 31 December 1983 with a base value of 1,000. today it is about 7,550.

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50 years of ATMs | June 1, 2017

50 years ago on 27 June 1967, Barclays installed the world’s first cash machine (ATM) at its Enfield branch in north London, but how have payments changed since then? There are currently more free-to-use ATMs than ever before.

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