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Archive: Oct 2019

10 quick wins to get your finances on track | October 25, 2019

Does it ever feel like you’re way behind the curve and getting started is just too much effort?  I hear this a lot, so I thought I would share with you 10 quick wins to get going, because momentum builds and getting started is half the battle.

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How to save for your first home!

How to save for your first home! | October 18, 2019

With the average cost of a property in the UK for a first-time buyer at £210,000, it’s difficult for millennials to get onto the housing ladder without the help of mum and dad, so I wanted to share my thoughts about how you can save to get on the property ladder.

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Investment Risk…  what is it?

Investment Risk… what is it? | October 11, 2019

Investment risk is probably the most important area of clarification, between a financial planner and client. I know there are many other areas, which seem important, and they are, I am not reducing their importance, but if there is a single area of potential dissatisfaction for a client, then investment risk is the one!

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Gold: Is it a golden investment? or has the shine worn off?

Gold: Is it a golden investment? or has the shine worn off? | October 8, 2019

Gold, some like wearing it, others worship it, and some buy it as an investment, but is it right to buy gold as an investment? To answer this question, I guess it makes better sense to first define what an investment is, what gold is and see how it has performed based on an alternative.  Then we can make our own minds up, based on the facts.

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How to save £1million for your retirement

How to save £1million for your retirement | October 4, 2019

How much do you need to save for retirement? The answer to this question is probably, more than you think. Many financial experts would start with £1 million, which is likely to provide you with a taxable income of around £40,000pa. So how much do you need to earn & save in order to reach this target?

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5 Steps to avoid repossession! | October 2, 2019

The Money Plan will help avoid the financial heart attack of being repossessed, so if you’re worried about the rise in repossessions, perhaps it is time to take your finances seriously.

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