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Assumptions made in the articles I write

When I talk about the future, by default I am making assumptions, because it’s not happened yet. It’s important these assumptions are fair and reasonable.

When writing an article which is featured in the press or on this website, often the word count does not allow me to detail this as much as I would prefer, therefore on this page I wanted to raise and clarify and of these assumptions I make, in case it is not clear in the article.

Inflation (the change in prices over time) 2.5%

I have chosen 2.5% because the British Government has an inflation target of 2%, but historically it’s been higher.

For further details, you can read this article on the Bank of England website.

Investment Returns

These will often be noted in the article, but as a general rule, I would use 8% as being c. 1.5% less than a 60% equity portfolio.


On a regular premium investment, I would assume premiums are inflated annually with inflation.