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Money Problems? Help me to help you

money problems? help me to help you

I am looking for just 3 people/couples to coach personally over a period of 3 to 6 months to take them from where they are and put them on the path to financial success.

There is no charge or cost to you, I am not looking to earn money from the coaching, however there is a few conditions you need to meet;

  • You struggle financially.
  • You agree to commit to change your current habits and implement The Money Plan.
  • You commit to a weekly catch up (either over the phone or in person).
  • You disclose fully your financial position and agree for this to be used for marketing purposes. Don’t worry, your private information will remain private.

If this applies to you and you can commit to a weekly catch up, 2019 could be the year it all changes for you – get in touch here.  Alternatively, if you know someone who could really benefit from this, send them a link to this page, or like it on social media in the links below.


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