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PPI final deadline – get yours in before 29 August

Don't forget to claim your PPI back

If you haven’t yet claimed your PPI back, time is running out to do so. If you haven’t gotten around to it, because you are confused as to what to do, then check out my simple guide below to ensure you get your claims in before the 29th of August.

Step 1 – Know your outcome

See if I have been mis-sold PPI and put in a claim

Step 2 – Get Organised

  • Make a list of all the loans, bank accounts, credit cards and other finance agreements.
  • Obtain your credit report, this will show all agreements from the last 6 years.
  • Make a list of all of your previous addresses, it makes completing the enquiry forms easier.

Step 3 – Did you have PPI

Now we need to establish if you had PPI.

  • Go to the FCA website and find the company you had an account with (
  • The vast majority of companies have their own online enquiry form for you to complete.
  • Do not worry if you do not have account numbers, all I had was my previous addresses and I was still able to make a PPI claim.
  • I recommend starting with your current bank account as it will be easier as you will have your account details to hand.
  • If you had a couple of accounts with one lender just submit one enquiry as they are checking their systems for everything you have ever had. The main banks such as Lloyd’s, Barclays & Halifax have definitely been the most helpful & have the shortest response times.
  • Now work down your list. You will receive either a letter or an email confirming your enquiry and when they expect to contact you with confirmation of you having or not having PPI


  • Obviously time is against us at the moment you may not have time to wait for a reply as an enquiry doesn’t mean you are submitting a complaint. All complaints must be received by the lender by the 29th August otherwise they will be ignored.
  • Some lenders such as Halifax took my enquiry as a complaint so I didn’t need to do anything else. It took approximately 6 weeks from enquiring to receiving a redress.
  • If a lender informs you that you had PPI and you were unaware of this then you can submit a complaint. In the confirmation they send they normally include an account number and details of when you had the cover. All this information is useful when you make your complaint.

Step 4 – Making a complaint

  • Most companies have their own systems just like when you made the initial enquiry or you can use Resolver (
  • Resolver is a great way to keep track of everything you have sent off. It will also remind you to chase responses etc. It just keeps everything organised for you so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Due to the shortage of time you may just submit a complaint straight away.
  • FCA site

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