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Watch out for the HMRC Scam!

HMRC Scam Alert

Over the past week there has been a notable increase in scam calls and fishing emails which on the face of it look as though they have come from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The latest is a recorded message that is phoned through to a home or mobile phone from an 0300 number, and which states that the taxpayer is being investigated by HMRC for fraud. A phone number is then given for the taxpayer to call. Other similar phone and email scams have in the past said that a tax repayment is due and ask for bank details to be provided to enable the repayment to be made.

HMRC have, confirmed to an accountancy firm we know, that any such telephone calls and emails do not originate from them. These are scams and should be ignored. HMRC have further stated that if they have any enquiries concerning your tax affairs then the normal process is for them to write to you, and to send a copy of the letter to your agent, typically your accountant.  They will not leave recorded messages. As for tax repayments, these are only repaid when your bank details are included in your tax returns, or it has been requested through the correct channels.

I encourage you to double-check anytime you are unsure whether or not telephone calls or emails are genuine, unfortunately, cyber fraud is the society we now live in and we all need to be diligent.


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