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Should I see a financial planner?

The emergence of financial information websites and social media platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok offering money management tips are trends that I think are helpful in promoting financial awareness in the UK, the more we are aware of our options, the better our decisions will be.  And, with the ability for consumers to self-invest on low-cost platforms more and more people have decided to go it alone and not use a financial professional to help them secure their future.

I think this is wonderful, and whilst columns like this work to offer clear, fair, and trustworthy guidance, to help you make the right financial decisions, it’s important for some individuals who are serious about their finances or perhaps have more complex needs, to receive a professional review of their situation by a financial planner, rather than just muddling their way through life with a series of unconnected decisions.

There is no set income level, age limit or investment amount to trigger a decision to see a financial planner.  Consider an appointment with a financial planner as something like meeting with a financial life coach, they will be interested in how you want to live the rest of your life, and work with you to build a financial roadmap and bridge any gaps you may have along the way.

Traditionally individuals have often waited for a life changing moment; children, retirement, inheritance, business sale to seek out financial advice but lifestyles have evolved.  Other common life challenges can now include fertility treatment, long term care, divorce, or moments in your life which suddenly require immediate income or a change in financial track.    A financial planner’s skillset can help you work through these difficult times.

But not all financial planners are the same and it’s important your planner is professionally qualified, preferably at the level of a Certified Financial Planner, which is the gold standard here in the UK.

Week commencing 11 October is Financial Planning Week in the UK. Organised by the not for profit professional body CISI, this annual initiative offers consumers throughout the UK a free session with a member of the financial planning community, led by Certified Financial Planner. So if you think that financial planning can help you reach your life goals and dreams you can book a free hour-long financial planning session and there is more information, articles and guides at

It’s not essential to work with a financial planner, and if you are serious about managing your finances yourself, then you should ensure you write down your long term financial goals, and how you plan to achieve these.  This plan, your plan, will keep you on track when we experience turbulence on our journey of life.



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