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Goals – progress update

We’re into 2018 how’s it started? How are the new year resolutions, the goals you set yourself for the coming months and years ahead, any good?

Setting goals and reading them every morning and every night before you fall asleep will help you stay on course. So whether it’s January 1st or August 27th the best time to start is now.

When setting your goals you need to make sure they are SMAC certified – this means they need to be:

Specific; you need to be crystal clear what it looks like, sounds like and feels like when you achieve it; don’t make the goal a moving target, you’ll find it harder to hit!

Measurable; how are you going to measure the success, this is normally a quantifiable amount; £ or lbs 

Achievable; goals you set should be challenging, but not impossible, set yourself up for success and make goals that you have a 50/50 chance of achieving.

Compatible; make the goals compatible with your compelling vision, your lifelong pursuit. Just because a friend has a new toy, it doesn’t mean you need the same new toy. Your goals should support your long-term vision for your life.

Committing your goals to memory uses the frontal cortex part of the brain; the brains GPS system! It guides your conscious and subconscious thoughts, actions and behaviours with a laser-sharp focus towards your goal.

Most people don’t intentionally program themselves for success like this and they simply leave the power of this part of the brain untapped.

Reading your goals each morning and night and committing your goals to your memory is like using your GPS rather than asking a stranger for directions.

When you do this, you live on purpose, with intention and you may even experience more peace, happiness and less stress in your life.

I created a short Youtube video below.

Go for it, enjoy 2018 and the many years beyond, living with purpose.



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