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Budget planning tips – find out the 7 most commonly missed expenses for July

budget planning tips

July is almost here! It’s the month when we fill our schedules with holidays, parties, children’s activities and dare I say it BBQ’s! With so much fun going on, it’s easy for certain events—and the costs that go with them—to sneak up on you. So, make sure you make plans for these expenses so you don’t go into debt and start using credit cards.

Here are some expenses to consider when considering your spending this month:


If you have not made financial plans for your holiday, don’t go and splash out for a brilliant two weeks, only to pay for it for the next 52!  Be smart, take time to see what you can afford, without going into debt, yes, I said it don’t borrow for your holiday.  If you haven’t put money aside for this year’s holiday, have a more modest holiday this year and even consider a Staycation as they call it in the US.  But plan for next year now, put aside in a separate account 1/12 of the expected expense so when the next 12 months’ pass, you’ll be ready and fully funded.

You’ll need to make sacrifices if you want progress, but going without doesn’t have to be the end of the world, look what you can do and make it fun!

Day Trip and weekends away

These can add up, shop around to see if you can get any discounts, but also make sure the cost of the travel and the day falls within your allocation. Don’t let a day trip away spoil your efforts and progress.

BBQs and Parties

These are a great way to have friends over, create memories and have fun.. Although it can be cheaper than going away, the costs can still add up, so why not share the overheads, get friends to bring dishes and share the work and share the expenses.

Children’s’ Activities

The summer holiday can seem longer than it is, and if you need to work through the holidays, the cost of entertaining your little ones can become expensive, so check out and plan the costs in advance and make sure you use Childcare Vouchers where you can, if it’s an Ofsted registered facility, you should be fine.

Pet boarding costs

If you can’t take your pets on your summer getaway, then you may need to pay for boarding. Or better yet, check with a friend or neighbour whose kids are looking to make extra cash this summer. They may be willing to watch your pets for less!

Swimming lessons for the kids

It’s a good idea for your children to take swim classes during summer break. An even better idea is to create a line in your budget to pay for the lessons, again check out Childcare vouchers to make it more tax efficient


This one might surprise you. Yes, it’s hard to talk about a cold-weather holiday in the middle of the summer, but there’s a reason Christmas made this list. By starting to save now, you have five months to build your gift-buying fund, and then you have most of December to shop for gifts.

Use these suggestions to plan your July budget and set yourself up for Christmas and next year!


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