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Avoid being an April fool: Consider your energy suppliers

consider your energy supplier

As things stand, around 11 million people are in danger of falling for the worst spring joke this year – and it won’t be remotely funny. Yes, by a bizarre coincidence, the energy price rise is due to kick in on the 1st April 2019.

British Gas has confirmed price hikes of 10.5%. With all of the Big 6 energy suppliers announcing price rises in the last few weeks. That’s a hit of around £117 for the average dual-fuel household. This raid on your finances is endorsed by the regulator. Ofgem lifted its price-cap this month and suppliers have made the most of the opportunity. You can’t blame them. They are, after all, commercial companies – but it surely shows that consumer protection, as it stands, is poor at best.

Thankfully – there is an alternative. Technology can now tell us what’s available across the board, and advise what’s best for our individual needs. It will flag a false promise or flawed deal and – once unleashed by a one-off nod of consent – it can now move our bills from one supplier to another, repeatedly.

After the initial sign up, Switchcraft involves zero hassle but promises to deliver savings – over and over indefinitely, they say they save most of their clients an average of £219 a year. No bureaucracy – just a handful of innovators harnessing technology to be a true consumer champion. So, don’t fall for the joke this April. Why settle for a state-backed price rise when technology could deliver you savings? Check out their website and get the last laugh on 1st April.

Click here to visit Switchcraft and see how much you can save.

Alternatively if you don’t fancy automating your energy switching, consider using an Ofgem accredited price comparison site, you can find a list by clicking here.

I use energy helpline:


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