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Improve your personal finance by keeping on top of your everyday spending!

monzo helps to keep track of your spending

I’m sure you may have 100 things on your “to do” list, but this will take you 5 mins and you’ll thank me 100 times over.

I came across Monzo, a fairly new bank, last year and I wrote about them in my book The Money Plan when discussing the “Bank Account System“. They are a brilliant new bank, and are particularly good in two areas;

  • When is comes to staying on top of your personal finance and spending, the Monza app (for both Android and Apple) and its notifications are great.  Nicky I both use them for our weekly WAM (Walk About Money).
  • Overseas spending. They do not make any charge for spending in foreign currencies (€ and $ at least!) and the rate is better than I can get when I get cash from the exchange!

When I pay I get an instant notification telling me my local spend amount and the £ equivalent – perfect for the ‘guess the bill’ game after the family meal, and it’s fun financial education for the children (or your partner if they need it!)

You can see on my Facebook page in August how much I saved when Nicky accidentally paid in € and I asked the hotel to reverse the payment and retake it in £.  The refund was instantaneous and we saved a lot!!  I screen printed the payments.

So why am I mentioning this now?

Because throughout DECEMBER ONLY they are giving away £10 to every new account opened, when you use the special referral code below:

If you haven’t gotten around to adapting your bank accounts to my system I suggest in my book, now would be the perfect time to do so. Consider Monzo for your weekly Wednesday WAM and then keep your current bank account as your Bills Account.

For more information on the bank account system and other useful information on becoming financially organised, click here to check out my best-selling book on Amazon.


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