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Do your bit for the planet and save money at the same time

affordable renewable energy

I am all about saving money and making the money I have work harder for us, so that I can spend more time doing the things I enjoy and that are important to us, I’m sure you’ll agree that is what we all want.

So when I found Bulb an electricity supplier, I felt the connection, not only were they among the best priced provider in the market, saving me £’s each month, they use 100% renewable energy which was important to me.  I have used them for about six-months and I am very happy.

You can get a price on your energy supply from Bulb by clicking here and if it’s right for you and you sign up by midnight on Tuesday 18 June, they will pay you a £75 welcome payment onto your bill, if you sign up after this date it reduces to £50.

Bulb says that an average home could save up to £356 a year, while getting green energy and Bulb’s #1 rated service.

Click here to get a clean energy price from Bulb, and see if they work out for you


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