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Save money using cashback on your Christmas purchases

Money planning for Christmas

If you followed my 100 days to Christmas article I wrote for the Sunday Mirror last month, you will see that one of the things I talk about is signing up to Cash Back websites around this time of year, if you haven’t already done so! It’s likely we will be making many purchases over the coming months in the run-up to Christmas, so why not get paid for doing this, let me explain how it all works.

How Cashback Websites Work

When you make a purchase online, instead of visiting the retailer directly, you can click to visit the retailer through a cashback website. This then generates a monetary reward (i.e. cashback) when you buy the product or service. The cashback website receives a commission from the retailer that, after the purchase is confirmed, is shared with the customer (you) who made the purchase. This could be pennies or hundreds of pounds and I have been using them for years and earnt many hundreds of pounds!

You simply need to sign up to a cashback website, which is free to do so, then you search on their website for the online retailer you want, such as Sky, Tesco, Asda, Currys etc. If it’s listed you can click a link to get cashback for your purchase.

However, to make it even easier, because let’s face it, we would all forget on occasions to use the cashback sites!  You can now install a mobile phone app or browser add-on (which I use the most!) which will track this for you.  So if you were to visit a website which offers cashback, it will let you know automatically, and redirect you without you needing to do a thing – I love technology like this.

Some typical examples you could expect to find at the time of this article:

  • 6% cashback on Hotpoint large kitchen appliances from Currys
  • £100 cashback on the purchase of a new iPhone from Carphone Warehouse
  • 11% cashback on hotel bookings via Expedia

So as you can see, if you find the right deals for the things you’ll be buying, you can end up gettings hundreds of pounds back in cashback.

Please don’t use this as a reason to make a purchase, in my 100-day plan, I detail making a list first, then shopping online to get the best deals, do the plan in order!

How do you get your cash back?

The amount of time that it takes to receive the cashback payment is dependent on the retailer. Certain retailers will make their payments every four to six weeks, while others will only issue their rebates after a few months. The time gap between purchase and cashback payment is observed to rule out cashback payment to cancelled or returned goods.

Payment is generally made to the user in the form of bank transfers, gift vouchers, or PayPal. Some cashback websites place a threshold on a customer’s account such that a user may need to make several transactions in order to be able to receive a reward.

Cashback Websites

Below are three popular cashback websites to use, if you are in the UK. There is no problem signing up to all of these if you want to, it’s really a case of looking at who offers the best cashback deals for the products or services you want to buy.

  • Members earned over an impressive £40 million last year.
  • You can take cash back earnings as cash, or swap them for Amazon or M&S vouchers boosted by a 20% bonus.
  • You can choose to page a £5 membership fee, and this will give you a 5% bonus on all cashback rates on the site.
  • Click here to visit their website and sign up
  • A typical Quidco member earns around £300 per year.
  • Pay £5 to get quicker cashback and exclusive offers and bonuses.
  • Get upt0 23% top-up bonus by swapping your cashback for gift cards for Amazon, Argos, M&S.
  • Click to Visit the Website and sign up
  • This fundraising website works the same as the above, but you are donating the “cashback” to good causes when you shop online, so rather than receiving a payment, your cashback payment goes to your selected charity.
  • You are able to sign up and choose which charity you want to donate to.
  • Click here to visit the websit and sign up




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