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How long will you live?

how long will you live

A million-pound question!  When will I die?

If we knew when our final day was, it would be so easy to plan, so easy to know how much we can spend now verses save for retirement, where we would holiday, when we would have our last kiss and when to say our last good-bye.

But we don’t have that luxury and therefore appreciating life, enjoying our todays and planning for our tomorrows is so complex, but our friends at the ONS (Office for National Statistics) have developed a calculator to help us have a better idea.  Based on historical data it calculates a range of averages for you – but remember these are based on historical averages, which may not apply to you, especially if you have a healthier than normal diet, exercise and have good genetics.

I entered my details and as a 43-year-old male and the calculator has given me an average life expectancy of 89!

A 25% chance of reaching 98 and a 10% chance of reaching 103 – I never liked being told what to do as a child, so I won’t be starting now.

But with that said, this is a great tool to have a bit of fun, but remember it’s a calculator based on averages – and you may not be average!



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