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So, going back 6 months ago – I actually didn’t have a huge amount of debt, but somehow I always found it hard to clear my debts and get in control financially. I was constantly feeling like I struggled to ‘get ahead’ and was always playing catchup even though I was constantly in work and making a regular wage.

A former employer of mine introduced me to The Money Plan – it took me a weekend to read the whole book and implement the systems within it. It’s an enjoyable read and the systems explained are straightforward to implement and made a big difference pretty much straight away.

Due to a job change, my current salary is a little lower than I had 12 months ago, but thanks to The Money Plan I find I have way more money left over every week then I did before. It’s allowed me to build some emergency savings, get on top of my debt and set up all my bills to run automatically – any financial stress I had previously is a thing of the past.