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The Money Plan is a god send!  I’m not bad with money, but I am so busy, I have two children and a three jobs and it’s made planning my finances straight forward!

It’s hard running a house with two children, so it was so good to have a plan to follow, which wasn’t all about getting things out.

Warren breaks down the process into 5-clear steps, I love that he asked what’s important to you before he starts telling you what to do!  So often we think things are important and will solve our money worries, whereas in reality we just need to plan a bit better.

I set up the Banks Account system and pay myself a weekly WAM allowance and I was also ready doing Arbonne a network marketing business so it was great when Warren suggested that if you need more money, consider network marketing to increase your cash.

I have two kids I adore and having some money tips and a pocket money strategy I can use with them was perfect.

I am so excited to go into 2019 with a Money Plan.