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As a student, I was quite sensible, but I still found that I overspent, so I was determined once I graduated and started working, to learn about how to manage my finances better.

There is so much to learn with money, I sometimes find it overwhelming, but I loved the simplicity and easy to understand way The Money Plan was written, Warren made things so simple to follow and I really liked the process he takes you through.

I use credit cards for what I can get from them, like cash backs and special deals and very rarely carry any balances over each month. I get some fantastic deals like American Express Shop Small where I got £5 cash back from some local shops when I spent £10.

Step two of The Money Plan is financial organisation and Warren gets you to review each spending item and ask yourself; do I need this, do I want this and can I get a similar experience for less. I liked doing this and it made me review everything, but I guess most of all, it made me make the most use of cashback sites like topcashback and quidco he covers in the book.

I work for a local authority and I made sure I am in the pension scheme, I also follow The Money Plan savings rule of putting away the first working hour of the day in savings or debt overpayment, so I make sure I save at least 12.5% of my income, I thought this was great to follow rule to follow. This makes the remaining money each month tight, but I make sure I enjoy life and you soon get used to it. Warren is very keen on you enjoying the process and not living for retirement.

Step three of The Money Plan is the financial foundations and I liked this, I already had a will, and I and going to make arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney my priority in 2019. I went through my insurances and checked my life assurance and critical illness policy I have with Aviva since 2007 was still suitable.

In 2019 I plan to learn more about investing and arrange my LPA!