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Before The Money Plan we’d often finish the month overdrawn or on occasions miss regular payments because we would just forget they were coming out, but after setting up the Bank Account System our life seems so much easier and we now never miss payments and have to pay additional charges.

Following The Money Plan has given us a process to follow with my money and financial planning.  It’s great to get all your bills organised and paid from one account and get paid your weekly WAM, you know that once it’s gone that’s it, you have to stop spending for the week, which actually is not that difficult. We get our WAM on a Wednesday so we always have disposable cash for the weekends, which is ideal!

At the start of the year we went through every bill and renegotiated loans, credit cards and insurances and managed to save ourselves a staggering £400-500 per month. Literally, thousands and thousands every year. We can’t begin to tell you how big a difference that makes! The systems in The Money Plan give you the organisation and direction needed to drastically improve your financial position every month.

Warren has a mantra Do I need it, Do I want it, Can I get a similar experience for less? I think we’ve both kept this at the back of our minds all year.  So you go through each payment, in turn, to try and cut out unnecessary spending.  Then, you pay yourself a weekly ‘allowance’, which he calls your WAM and he gets you pay it on a Wednesday because most weeks you’ll spend your allowance, and it’s not long to wait until you get paid again!

I (Sam) have a young son, so this ‘money diet’ has highlighted how important it is to ensure I have things like a Will and power of attorney in place, which I had not appreciated but is responsible – or even essential parenting.

We’ve applied many of the same principles to running Front of House, our entertainment business, and it gives us true peace of mind and financial confidence. My money resolution is no more overdrafts in 2019!