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The Money Plan Seminar – For financial planning success

Do you struggle financially?  Are you confused about what to do with your money?  Or struggling to pay the bills and get out of debt?

What if, after a day, you had a clear plan for your financial future?  What to do, how to do it and when?  How would that help you enjoy your life more?

Warren has helped 1000’s families plan their finances for over 20 years to make better financial decisions, working with people in all walks of life and ages, those in £100,000 of debt and those managing £1m+ investment portfolios.

In this 1-day seminar, Warren talks about what you need to know financially, and what you don’t! and combines it with how we act emotionally to set yourself up for financial success.

This is an educational seminar, you will not be asked or expected to become a client and no products will be sold to you.  It’s for you and about your financial success.

The Facts

  • UK consumer debt is at £1.630.1 billion
  • Consumer debt has risen 19% in the last 5 years
  • Student debt has doubled to £100.5 billion in the past 5-years
  • Council Tax arrears have increased 12% in the last 5-years
  • Households in the UK are the second most indebted nation in the G8 at 150% of income (above USA and Italy)

Source: The Guardian UK Debt Crisis, Bank of England September 2017

The CIPD believes that helping people to navigate their financial well-being means that financial concerns are kept to a minimum and employees can focus on the work that brings them personal fulfilment. Alongside a physical well-being strategy, they have laid down seven key initiatives to meet this, one of which is financial education.


The Presentation

The presentation is based on the 5-Steps Warren covers in his bestselling book “The Money Plan”, which in summary are;

Step 1 – Know what it is you want; how to clarify your outcome.
Step 2 – Get financially well organised; from personal banking, to children’s pocket money.
Step 3 – Review your financial foundations and have a plan; 3 essential points, 5 optional.
Step 4 – Repay your unsecured debt fast; using the snowball debt repayment system.
Step 5 – Investment; how to intelligently secure your retirement income.

In addition to this, the presentation can be tailored to suit your company’s specific employee benefits such as pension contributions, death in service, medical insurance etc.

Contact Warren on to find out more and organise your presentation.

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