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What is The Money Plan University?

It’s a complete and practical home-study package giving you the financial education you never got. This course will get you to:

  • Make your future greater than your past
  • Be in control of your money, rather than have money control you, once and for all
  • Creat solid financial foundations to skyrocket your financial success
  • Repay your debt
  • Invest like a professional

The Money Plan University will be available from December 2019

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Here’s What you’ll get

Broken down in 5 easy to follow steps, it’ll make money childs’ play!

It will save you going to financial planners and coaches which could end up costing you over £6000

Step 1: Discover your compelling vision

if you don’t know what you really want, how will you ever achieve it? Follow the cutting edge process to set clear compelling and exciting goals, to make 2020 the best year of your life.

How much could it cost you?

A two hour coaching session with a great success coach would cost anything from £500 upwards.

Step 2: Get financially organised

Get financially organised forever, financial stress and worry is killing us, learn the secrets of the financial experts on how they organise their money, so you can enjoy life.

How much could it cost you?

A consultation with a Certified Financial Planner to get you financially well organised will cost in excess of £500

Step 3: Putting your financial protections in place

Solid financial foundations is what is needed to grow your wealth cover the eight keys to building solid financial foundations.

The secret of success is not knowledge, it’s action. Get this sorted so we can enjoy life.

How much could it cost you?

Consultation fee £250, Will £500, LPAs £1000.

Step 4: Clearing your debts

Getting bad debt repaid fast is essential to financial success. We’ll not explain how to do it, you will enter your figures and set your payments, in addition Warren will share his top 10 tips to accelerate your debt repayment.

How much could it cost you?

Debt counselling consultation with a Certified Financial Planner £1000

Step 5: Investment Success

Invest like a professional. You can make money investing in the stock market, but you can also lose it quicker if you do the wrong thing. Learn how the professionals make money on money, whilst they sleep.

Start your retirement planning now, open your investment account and start investing.

How much could it cost you?

Retirement consultation with a Certified Financial Planner £2500