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The book takes you through my five-step proven process to put you in control of your money.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people make money easily, enjoy great holidays, have nice things and retire rich, while others always seem to struggle, it’s not because they are more intelligent or just lucky. It’s simply because they have better beliefs about money and a system that works. In this practical book, I share my proven plan so you can clear your debts, secure your tomorrow and live for today.

Ask yourself the following questions, if you answer yes to any of the questions, then ‘The Money Plan’ is for you;

  • Do you have a clear plan of what your future looks like? Would it be helpful if you did?

  • Do you sometimes feel unorganised financially? Could you achieve more?

  • Would it be helpful to make your financial decisions automatic?

  • Did you know there is a proven system to accelerate the repayment of your debts?

‘The Money Plan’ achieves the above and much much more through psychology and proven financial planning processes I have used with my clients for over 20-years.

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We start with the plan and goals and ask ‘how do you really want to spend the rest of your life?’.


We have a system to get you financially organised and make your financial life automatic.


We show you how to protect yourself and your estate for long term financial success.


We use the special debt repayment system to accelerate the repayment of your debts.


We provide you with professionally allocated portfolios for long term financial success.


The Money Plan Workshop

Read the best selling book to learn how to clear your debts, secure your tomorrow and live for today

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