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Step 2: Organised

Automate your finances

Many people who come to see me struggle with the basics of money management.  We are taught in school some complex mathematics, algebra, periodic table and foreign languages – all are of benefit, but none are as beneficial as the day to day management of your money.

Let’s face it, you’ll work for about 50% of your life and spend what you save during this period on the last 25% of your life.  Earning an average wage from 18 to state retirement age you’ll have over £1 Million passing through your bank account during your lifetime, so you could say using that definition, you’re a Millionaire! That’s a massive amount of money and schools don’t teach you how to manage that!

Whether you earn £10,000 or £1 million a year the principals are the same with a few extra zeros.

For at least the last 15 years, I have been sharing the Bank Account System with my clients to set their finances up atomically for success.

Download a spreadsheet to help you get organised


We start with the plan and goals and ask ‘how do you really want to spend the rest of your life?’.


We have a system to get you financially organised and make your financial life automatic.


We show you how to protect yourself and your estate for long term financial success.


We use the special debt repayment system to accelerate the repayment of your debts.


We provide you with professionally allocated portfolios for long term financial success.


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