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The Money Planner Podcast


Episode 022: Inflation – The silent destroyer of wealth

Inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money and it affects economies in various positive and negative ways. Warren discusses with Paul the effects of inflation on the UK economy and how it affects you and your money.

Episode 021: Tax Freedom Day and bringing your personal one closer

Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the year in which a nation as a whole has theoretically earned enough income to pay its taxes. But can you – morally, legally and ethically – bring your own personal Tax Freedom Day forward earlier in the year? Here are some things to check that might just do that for you.

Episode 020: The stock market performance since the Brexit referendum

It’s three years since Britain voted to leave the EU. And what’s happened since for investors highlights that you need to be careful about who you listen to, and what you take away from them. People like to give predictions about the future, but none of us know what will actually happen. That includes politicians, think tanks, bankers and economists. Listen to this episode to discover how the markets have actually performed.

Episode 019: Neil Woodford Woes – What’s it all about and what we can learn from it

Neil Woodford has been in the news recently as his flagship equity income fund has suspended trading as investors rush to the exit. Listen to this episode to understand what happened what lessons you can learn if you are an investor.

Episode 018: Q2 Check in 2009

Warren runs through what you should be concentrating on in Q2 of the Money Plan, and what to do if you are struggling with motivation when it comes to getting yourself financially free.

Episode 017: The psychology of money

With the cost of education and housing rising, it’s become more commonplace for parents and grandparents to save for their children and grandchildren. By planning ahead, they can maximise the impact those savings will have.

There’s been a lot of bad headlines again recently with closures of businesses – if you’re directly involved (or know someone who is), then this is a very tough time financially. I don’t pretend to have a silver bullet, but I do know that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed in these kinds of situation. The most important thing you can do? Get clarity. This podcost episode covers some tips on how to help get clarity to your financial situation

Episode 016: Benefits of using a financial adviser

Warren discusses a Vanguard survey which highlights the benefits of using an adviser for your investments.

Episode 015: Saving for your children

With the cost of education and housing rising, it’s become more commonplace for parents and grandparents to save for their children and grandchildren. By planning ahead, they can maximise the impact those savings will have.

Episode 014: How to invest £25,000 wisely

If you have a lump sum and don’t know what to do with it, Warren talks you through how you can invest £25,000 wisely to ensure it gives you the most benefit financially.

Episode 013: The Money Plan – Q1 Financial Check-in for 2019

Warren talks you through how you should be doing in Q1 if you are following the 5 step money plan, along with insights and tips to help you reach your targets.

Episode 012: How to make a plan when you are on Universal Credit

Find out how you can make a financial plan when you are using universal credit. This podcast is full of useful thingss to know to ensure you succeed, it’s not just about saving money and sticking to a budget, it’s also to do with creating the right mindset and routine.

Episode 011: When can you retire?

Warren and Paul discuss a question raised by a reader, as to when is the best time for them to retire.


Episode 010: Spring Statement and economic outlook

Warren and Paul discuss the Spring Statment and the economic outlook of the UK.

Episode 009: Improving cash inflows and the importance of mindset

Warren discusses the importance of mindset in creating that essential 12.5%

Episode 008: Financial Foundations – Protection

Financial Protection (or ‘Foundations’) is the third step in The Money Plan. This consists of 8 foundations that you should consider to give yourself full financial protection, 3 of them are essential (Emergency Cash, Will’s and LPA’s) however in this podcast I look at the other 5 optional protections you should be considering.

These are: Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Private Medical Insurance and General Insurance

In this episode we show you the options available to you to protect yourself from catastrophes such as long term illness or disabilty, protect your family from death and your estate from unnecessary taxes and potential hostile creditors.

Episode 007: Whats coming in the new tax year?

Preparation and planning is key to good money management. Knowing what’s coming up means you can prepare and adjust before things happen, rather than rushing to get things arranged at the last minute. On 6 April the new tax year begins.

Listen to the episide to discover the income-related changes that are on the way so that you can plan ahead.

Episode 006: Retirement planning for children – leaving a legacy

Anybody from a new-born baby until they are in their 70s can have a pension – you can even set one up in your baby’s name and pay into it from the day of their birth!

The beneficiary can’t access their pension until retirement age, so your children can’t use it to buy a car or a house or to pay for university. So why would you consider starting one for your child?

Episode 005: Money & Relationships

Money, like a relationship, is a very emotional thing. Put the two together and you’ve either got sweet sailing or stormy waters ahead. Discussing your thoughts and rules around money is important as a couple. You need to develop together in a financial sense as well as an emotional one. Based on over 20 years of working with couples and their finances, here are some tips on navigating the journey together.

Episode 004: How to plan for a great year

Around 10% of the year has already flown by – but that means there’s still 90% of it left to make your mark on 2019 and take control of your finances. If you resolved to do just that, but January wasn’t your month for whatever reason, then it’s time to be resilient, set a strategy, focus on your outcome and take consistent steps towards it.

In this episode I cover how you can put together a financial plan to achieve success.

Episode 003: Childrens Pocket Money

We don’t receive financial education at school, so teaching children about money starts at home. That can seem scary if you’re not good with money yourself, but with a simple pocket money system you can easily show your children strategies which help them learn and grow their own money management skills.

This episode covers a pocket money system for children that works.

Episode 002: Self Assessment

The 31 January deadline for submitting online self-assessment tax returns is suddenly looming large. If you’re not one of the 10,000 or so people who submitted their returns on Christmas Day or Boxing Day – no, me neither – and you still haven’t done it yet, then it’s time to get moving on your return.

This episode covers how to get on top of your self assessment.

Episode 001: January Credit Card Blues

It’s that time of year when credit card statements loom large – and for many, that means worries about their finances. Recent research showed that people take on average until May to pay off their Christmas.

This episode covers my steps to a foolproof plan to help you say goodbye to your credit card debt.


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