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The Smarter Spender

Spending Money is not bad, spending other people’s money is! Be smart and spend only what you can afford and get the best deal you can. As with all purchases, and especially the urgent ones that you might be making in a hurry, it’s advisable to do your research before you buy to make sure that you’re not paying over the odds.

If you’re a frequent reader of my “Time to Talk Money” spread each week in the Sunday Mirror, you will know each week I give my view on ways to spend smartly. So I wanted to also display them here for you to read.

What has dipped in price this week?

  • Ebook readers – 19% cheaper on average than last week
  • Football Shirts – 9% cheaper on average than last week
  • Espresso Makers – 11% cheaper on average than last week
  • Bluetooth Speakers – 12% cheaper on average than last week
  • Climbing Frames – 17% cheaper on average than last week
  • Men’s Boots – 12% cheaper on average than last week

This is a good week to think about buying… Kids Scooters

Not only is spring knocking on the door, but so is the cheapest time to purchase some of the top spring products.

As the weather improves, no doubt the kids will be keener than ever to race out the door and down to the park, with many opting for a speedier approach on a mini scooter.

March is the cheapest month of the year to buy kids scooters with models from all the top brands such as Micro Sprite, Razor and Ozbozz around 17% cheaper than the most expensive month of June!

This week, we reckon UK consumers will be buying… Travel Items

Since the announcement that foreign holidays will likely be possible later this year, many Brits have been booking holidays abroad as quickly as they can in an attempt to finally secure ourselves a trip to sunnier climes.

But since so many of us weren’t able to travel as planned over the last year, we’re no doubt starting to notice that those travel essentials we had when it was last possible to travel might no longer fit us, or even be in working order.

We expect to see a jump in demand for items such as wheelie suitcases, sunglasses and swimwear.

Data provided by the price comparison site.