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If you’ve purchased the book or have come along to one of my seminars but you are still struggling to make the adjustments needed so you can easily achieve your financial goals…. then The Money Plan workshop is just for you.

I will be holding a workshop to a small group and going through The Money Plan in detail complete with practical work such as completing Wills & LPAs and organising your finances in such a way that you are in control of them, rather than let them control you.

This is open to a group of no more than 20 people, but the work will be done 1 on 1. No information will be shared to the group, and I spend time with you guiding you as you work on your own to complete the 5 steps.


By the end of this workshop you will have acheived a number of important steps from The Money Plan such as the below, as well as walking away with a set list of actions specific to you, so you can carry things forward.

  • Discover your compelling vision & goals – Together we will work out your goals and break them down into bite-sized achieveable steps.
  • Get financially well organised and sort your banking – Your bank accounts may need to be tweaks
  • Plan your Will – By the end of the workshop you Will have a will ready, that just needs to be registered.
  • Plan your Lasting Power of Attorney’s  – By the end of the workshop you will have your LPA documentation that just needs to be registered.
  • Know your financial strategy – We will work together to ensure you have the best financial strategy that allows you to achieve your goals.
  • Organise your Debt Snowball – Your debt will be organised so that you know what to pay and when to pay so that you can get out of debt fast
  • Arrange an investment plan used by the wealthy – Find out your investment risk comfort levels , and how to invest into your future.
  • Get a financial cashflow – Walk away from the workshop having a financial cashflow specific to your needs, and to your goals


Although there will be up to 20 people attending the workshop, the work will be done 1-to-1. No information will be shared to the group, and I spend time with you guiding you as you work on your own to complete the 5 steps.

Date: Saturday 21st September 10-4pm;

Location: Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London.

Money Back Guarantee: My goal is to help you achieve your financial goals, if for any reason you don’t feel like it’s working out for you, you can get a full refund as long as you have leave the workshop before the 2nd half starts and have handed in your work books.

To book and pay your fees simply click on one of the buttons below.


Q: DO I need to bring some ID?
A: Yes, to ensure you receive your booking.

Q: Do I need to bring bank account statements?
A: The information on the day is private to you, you will not be asked to share this.  But it would be very helpful if you had a summary of your income and expenditure.

Q: Do I need to bring details of my pensions?
A: Yes, the more information you can bring along about your current financial position, the better.

Q: Do I need money to invest with?
A: No, this is a Money Plan workshop to get you started, investing is available, but it’s step 5!

Q: Do I need to bring along details of all of my debts?
A: Yes definitely,  I want you organised and clear on how you will be debt-free.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Yes, but they will need to book themselves on and pay the enrolment.  if they are coming along for support, and no planning, the fee is £100, book as a couple.

Q: Will I have to discuss my finances in front of other people on the workshop?
A: No definitely not, but you would benefit from discussing it in private with me, but again this is not essential if you prefer to keep it private.

Q: How about If I am retired is the workshop still useful to me?
A: Definitely, even more so.  Just because you’re retired does not mean you are immune to financial challenges!

Q: Can I pay in instalments?
A: Contact me directly, we could arrange something as long as full payment is made prior to the day.

Q: Do I have to read your book before coming along?
A: No, but it would help!  If you are investing this into your future, a couple of hours of light reading will support your endeavours.